Lamináty Krobot Compositer

The Czech enterprise with more than 20 years of experience is an expert in the field of composite products. The company specializes mainly in the aircraft industry while producing ultralight airplanes, automotive industry and tram transport, focusing both upon the interior and exterior part.

The company Krobot Compositer provides a complex service including production of models, moulds or piece and serial production of components and the functional prototypes. We use only special composite materials as carbon, kevlar or their combination, fibreglass or sandwich-structured composite. It is thus possible to produce even the most complicated pieces of the highest quality. Our products are professionally tested and are able to carry a lot of weight in order to guarantee safety while using them.


During 22 years of its existence, the company Krobot Compositer has become a reliable subcontractor of laminate components for significant foreign and local producers. On a monthly basis, we produce thousands of components of various shapes, sizes and types of surface finishing. We lay stress on the highest quality and punctual delivery. Our strength lies in focusing on complex and technically advanced products and variability of dividing joints.

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Production program

Industrial production for transportation system and construction industry
We produce strong industry laminate, automotive laminate, laminate and carbon boards and sandwiches. Our products are easy to be found on numerous everyday occasions: construction reinforcement and its components, interior and exterior of aircrafts, trams and cars, bodywork skeletons etc.

Laminates for ultralight aircrafts
The aim of our production is reaching low weight while conserving absolute solidity. They are used for production of sport and ultralight airplanes. They are thoroughly tested to successfully carry even the biggest weight. Safety is one of our main interests.

Wet lamination (hand laying) - application of gelcoat to the mold and gradual siphoning of glass fabrics with epoxy resin. The product is then cured freely or by heat using a vacuum method.

RTM technolgoie (injection molding) - suitable for larger series, is done in closed form, the advantage of this method is that both surfaces of the product are smooth after creation.

Production of laminated molds with long service life and
high heat resistance. According to your wishes, it is possible
to create a form of any shape and surface
, that needs to be transferred to the product..

Production of laminate moulds characterized by remarkable durability and high temperature resistance.
At your request, we can make a mould of any shape and surface that is to be transferred on the product.

Production of laminates in high-gloss or metallic finish, with high gloss, or in basic design for retrofitting, industrial laminates, ultraviolet aircraft laminates, or laminate for aircraft models.


We have certificated standard EN ISO 9001
We fulfil standard ISO 140001 for environmental protection
We fulfil standard ISO 180001 for safety management

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Production 3D models , their surface finish and overall design before molding. We will consult design and possible production technology , we will cooperate on developing the product from making a 3D model based on technical documentation to the final product.

On our own 3-axis CNC machine we provide prototyping materials, wood, MDF, DTD, HPL, plywood, Staron, Corian and plastics.

Machine parameters:

revolutions: 18000 rpm

table size: 1300mm x 2500mm

lift height: 400mm

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Krobot Radomír
Blanická 21, Šumperk 787 01, Czech Republic
IČ: 43 58 70 20
DIČ: CZ6001171451

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Radomír Krobot
Nádražní 480, Bludov 789 61, Czech Republic

Bc. Michal Krobot - business manager
tel: +420 603 158 788

Radomír Krobot - managing director
tel: +420 603 247 579